PREMIERE : Kisk – Clean Up Down [Série Limitée]

Série Limitée (soundcloud) is a fine London based label formed in 2013. They have previously showcased music from the likes of Steve Frisco, Monsieur Cedric, Anaxander, and Panthera Krause. Vinyl only releases coming in the form of VA 4 trackers are their staple and today we’re happy to announce the 10th instalment in the series.

Kisk (soundcloud) is the alias of Giuseppe D’Alessandro, the Italian native responsible for the creation of the always reliable Apparel Music. He is also curator of the impeccable ‘Jazzy Hour Radio Show’ of which we are massive fans here at the BB HQ. There is more than a hint of jazz influence in his productions, always a good thing injecting that swing and unpredictability into house music. Today we premiere his B1 track ‘Clean Up Down’.

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It doesn’t take long for this one to get down to business, light and loose ride hats dance their way over warm chords as the track’s percussion builds nicely. Some lovely ethereal strings come to the fore during a small break and that’s also when the Jazz flute hits, HEY AQUALUNG!! The track doesn’t dwell on one particular motif for too long, evolving and changing but still maintaining it’s charm. The solo jazz flute is the highlight of this laid back rolling groove. We defy anyone to hear a jazz flute and not instantly feel a bit better about things!

The EP on the whole is a well rounded affair, catering for a wide-ranging spectrum of tastes and will certainly be in our baskets come release day which is on or around 8th September. You can pre-order via JunoDeejayRedeye.