PREMIERE : Kerstone – Ostone [Khasia Hills]

Khasia Hills cover
Often times, there comes a point in an artist’s career when they decide that a full, unencumbered vision of theirs cannot be fully realized without going all in. So it goes for a group of four like-minded producers who, alongside seasoned art director, m o r n i n g r a d i e n t, have just launched their own record label, Khasia Hills (soundcloud). Movers and shakers Real D., Jam for Real, Kerstone, and Jus Jam name the label after a geographic range located in East India that is known for having “Some of the most majestic palm trees in the world”; within the first few moments of this project, it’s clear Khasia Hills can be depended on for some airy, light-hearted stomps alongside some vivid imagery conjured in the process.

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Premiering the B1 on this record, “Ostone” by relative newcomer Kerstone, kicks off swiftly with nimble and agile hats panning across the mix throughout. Gentle melodies ebb and flow against plucked bells, alongside the gorgeous birdsong gracefully hiding behind the mix; Ostone creates a truly mesmerizing blend of sounds (Kerstone evens deploys various synth wipes that sound like the aural equivalent to lens flare). Though gently rocking back and forth in one place at some points, the track breaks down twice throughout, allowing itself and the listener to measure the meatier portions against some isolated moments and ambiance and bliss.

Ostone serves as the third of 4 tracks, and in conjunction with the full EP, truly helps to summon the rolling green hills and cloudy-yet-clear skies that Khasia Hills is setting out to propagate. Lucky for them, their entire constituency is comprised of talented producers, fully capable of sending their listeners far away from the troubles of everyday life, and into the joy of wandering through a field and forest of their design.