Jules – Tout à fait [Happy Life]

Jules delta ajax

Montreal-based newcomer ‘JULES’ makes his mark on the electronic music scene with his debut release; ‘DELTA AJAX’, out now on Happy Life. This versatile EP blends elements of Electro, House, Breakbeats, and UK Garage, revealing the many facets of ‘JULES’ as an artist. ‘DELTA AJAX’, is inspired by Frank Hebert’s 1965 science-fiction novel ‘Dune’, and the crossover is abundantly apparent once you get into the lead track from the EP.

‘TOUT À FAIT’ opens with a calming, stripped back vibe; Detroit-esque pads enter, laying the foundations that the track resolves around throughout its entirety. As the track builds, these flowing pads are accompanied by hazy hi-hats that cut through with almost paradoxical effect. A warm, full-bodied bassline drives the track forward as it steps up a gear, intertwined with a hypnotic brass hook that circles in and out. ‘JULES’ demonstrates how a simplistic approach, using only a handful of carefully curated key elements, can have a massive impact on the end result.



Myles H.