Jonski – Venusian Surface [Innate]

INNATE 004 -Jonski - Venusian Surface

The fourth multi-artist EP from blog-turned-record label Innate takes the imprint’s inherently warm and far-sighted sound into new intergalactic directions. This EP includes a quartet of cuts from both established producers and rising stars, all inspired by dreams of cross-cosmic travel and the alluring weightlessness of deep space.

While all of Innate’s previous releases have tended towards the futuristic and otherworldly, this EP explores the label’s love of stargazing electronic music much more explicitly. Its tracks feel timeless; mixing shimmering, life-affirming melodies, starburst electronics, and twinkling chords.

The A-side is all about deep, melodious, spacey electro, spearheaded by two artists who are at very different stages in their musical careers. Up first is Steven Brunsmann AKA Aroy Dee, an experienced and much-loved stalwart on the Dutch scene, making a rare appearance away from his acclaimed M>O>S Recordings label. “Leegte”, his sole outing of 2020 so far, is impressively immersive with Brunsmann cloaking a jaunty bassline and lo-fi electro beats in sumptuous aural textures and glassy-eyed chord sequences.

The second slab comes courtesy of Innate label regular Gilbert, whose dedication to the more melodious and ear-catching end of the machine-soul spectrum has been such a feature of the imprint’s releases to date. “Furthest Planet” may well be his most inspired musical workout yet: a deep electro-roller whose lilting lead lines, shimmering electronics, yearning chords, and tumbling acid lines are little less than life-affirming.

Over on the B-side, the sound subtly shifts towards the vibrant, multi-coloured sci-fi shimmer of techno in its purest form. First to make his mark is label newcomer Jonski, an alternate alias for fast-rising Bristol electro-producer Zobol (real name Jon Chimielewski). “Venusian Surface” is classic star-gazing techno, with vivid chords, echoing synth squiggles, bubbly TB-303 motifs, and alluring lead lines rising above a classic tech-funk bassline and bustling machine drums.

To round out this great EP in style, Innate turns to effervescent Welshman DJ Guy. Fresh from inspired outings on Unthank and Other World Music, the Cardiff-based producer slams down a sweaty, energetic, forthright techno stomper. “Aphelion Orbit” boasts some brilliantly breathless, jacking drum programming—all machine-gun snare fills and snappy handclaps—but it’s the celestial shimmer of the accompanying chords and melodies that resonate the most. It’s a perfect conclusion to Innate’s most melodious and action-packed release to date.


text has been provided by the label.