Claude b – Spectral Matters [Self Released]

claude b has been producing for several years, driven by multiple inspirations, from hip hop to classical techno and jungle. Alongside his friends from Solstice303 with whom he organizes parties in different clubs in Nantes (France), he starts to release more tracks.

His method for recording machines and the spontaneity of his rhythms give an almost human and frenetic side to his music, yet very electronic. This 3rd EP Spectral Matters is the mark of it: 3 deep and vibrant tracks, each enhancing in their own way the use of his favorite drum machine.

The track Spectral Matters is a perfect trip switching between different acid basslines, house parts and breaks parts, supported by suspended yet constantly changing textures. The whole at 137 BPM, tinged with the deep color of a very simple chord progression and the aggressiveness of an 808, gives a fast and funky fusion between deep house and trance.


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