Farsight – Mr Right [Breaks N Pieces]

San Francisco based DJ and bass extraordinaire Farsight knows how to make an entrance, first bursting onto the scene with his adventurous and daring EP ‘Wisdom’ back in 2016. At the time Farsight’s music sounded like it had been beamed from another planet and has played an important role in the cross-pollination of genres we’ve seen in recent years. Farsight has gone on to release on Scuffed Recordings, Maloca and Noire State, remaining firmly fixed on the future of club music. Now his blend of trap, jersey club, reggaeton and dancehall makes its way across the Atlantic with six mind-sizzling cuts for Breaks ‘N’ Pieces vol. 23.

Opening track ‘Triangulation’ combines rolling drums with party-starting vocal samples and steady whistles, letting listeners know we’re really off! ‘Mr Right’ then enters the fray with throbbing subs, ravey stabs and a vocal that sits halfway between fun and outright menacing. The A side comes to a close with ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ a dubstep infused cut of choppy breaks and wide-eyed melodies. A masterclass in raising tension, this track will shut down any club, please use wisely.

‘Lesser Light’ shows Farsight’s love for bass exploration; it’s looming shadow pressing amongst some of the darkest corners of electronic. A unique brand of grime infused techno. ‘Water Margin’ delves even further, adopting a more measured pace for those heads down moments. The record comes to a close with ‘Fulminous Edge’ and is a reflection of the artist’s darkest material. The drums still have a familiar spring in their step but the track’s melodic bassline is mesmerizing; resulting in a melancholy trance that deserves a second play.


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