Johannes Albert – Beach Reach [Fine]

When it comes to producing dance-floor ready edits, few are doing it better than Tilman and Johannes Albert. Having started the label Fine together back in 2016, these German-based lads have used their imprint to share their takes on some of disco’s greatest tunes from the past. In their upcoming release titled The Weekender, the two have decided to join forces once again by coming out with a 4-track EP that will have DJs around the world chomping at the bit to rinse them out in their sets.

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The lead track from the EP is called “Beach Reach,” and was produced by Mr. Albert. Fans of the British funk band Delegation will instantly recognize this song as an edit of their original “Stand Up Reach For The Sky.” Johannes is quite respectful in his rendition of the tune, leaving a lot of its key elements intact. Instead, Johannes chooses to up the intensity by using expertly selected guitar riffs and percussion to create looped melodies which transform the song into an unadulterated groove!

And there are plenty of more groovers where that came from! To get the whole batch, buy The Weekender today by clicking this link right here!