Joe Cleen – Give You All I Got [Slothboogie Editz]

London powerhouse Slothboogie is gearing up to drop the fourth instalment in their SBEDITZ series, this time with an EP of slammers from international man of mystery, Joe Cleen. This time around, the Berlin based producer has delivered four raw and ready cuts in various styles. We’ve got serious disco heat (one soaked in 80’s nightclub neon), a glorious piano jam laced with dubbed out gospel vocals, shuffling drum machine hats and a pimped out G-Funk synth, and ‘​The Fun Part​’, a bubblin’ bass funk groover filled with crisp percussion and jazzy Rhodes.
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‘Give You All I Got’ is the perfect opening track for an amazingly cohesive project, a certified disco monster with infectious brass, erotic vocals and huge space toms reworked to launch any dancefloor into the stratosphere! Steadily swung percussion rides nicely in front of a fat bottomed bassline, while Joe takes us to church with a sensual vocal that glides smoothly over the instrumental. ‘Give You All I Got’ keeps the energy contained, and it moves through four minutes with a graceful swagger that’ll surely capture the attention of eager dancers. Honestly, I just watched the new Quincy Jones documentary on Netflix and this EP sounds like something he’d like. That’s saying a lot.

Slothboogie SBEDITZ004 will be available on October 26th, and you’d be wise to set an alert because the project is limited to 500 copies. This is a vinyl only release, so if you don’t spin records, now is the time to practice (it’s great fun, trust me). You’d be dumb not to have this one in your bag, so do your best to be one of 500.