Javonntte – Remember [Quintessentials]

After nearly two decades of silence, Brian “Javonntte” Garret has since re-established himself within the deep house realm. Returning to the scene in 2016, he has released a plethora of quality records on label such as Let’s Play House, Hardmatter, proving that he is indeed here to stay. The newest release from Quintessentials, “How Is Club246”, a basic 4-track, is anything but. The EP serves as somewhat of a retrospective, wherein Javonntte pays homage to his musical past, specifically his 90’s motor city Chicago roots.

Quintessentials is a label that promotes, you guessed it, quintessential underground music. Known for putting out, no-nonsense, softly produced, raw underground house, Javonntte has certainly met the criteria.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-javonntte-remember” /]

Our choice “Remember”, the first on the EP, features everything you could ask for from a Chicago-Style house banger. The track contains two main motifs, Javonntte’s poetic vocals, as well as classically crisp and dynamic deep house. What makes this track so special is that it’s not overly layered, nor lacking in any way. The elements of the song have been boiled down to the necessities, creating a cohesive and nuanced mix. The title of the EP begs the question, “How Is Club246”, and Javonntte does an exceptional job in painting a vivid picture of a thriving, diverse venue that he is clearly still very much infatuated with. As cliche as it sounds, this is the kind of track that transports the listener to another era, breeding jealousy for those who were able to witness such a thriving time in house music.

“What is Club246” is releasing on 30 April.