PREMIERE : Javi Frias – Move to the groove [Night Shift Records]

javi frias - move to the groove

Whenever my musically-inclined mates and I chat about dance music, there’s a question that rears its head time and time again, ‘why on earth isn’t there enough modern day disco being made?!’ Meet a man whose directly challenging that train of thought, Javi Frias (soundcloud). Hailing from Madrid, Javi lives and breaths boogie. Running his very own NightShift Records by day and permeating dance floors in the eve, I speculate this Spaniard leads one very busy and delightful life.After listening through this fellows catalogue, I’d love to get myself down to the Marula Café in his hometown. Every Friday night Frias runs the DISCOTIZER club night, hosting the likes of Red Greg, Dan Shake and Medlar. After his previous 7” went number 1 in online sales at Juno Records, Javi’s back in business with his ‘Move To The Groove’ EP, the second press to wear his very own NightShift owl logo. Stoking the fire from the get go comes ‘Tender Feeling’, a smashing loop of guitar and hi-hats take hold early, quickly joined by a crooning vocal sample and an almost Bee Gees-esque cry. A deliberate attention seeker and for my mind the pick of the crop (so be sure to chase it down).

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The tune we have the pleasure of premiering is A2 – ‘Move to the Groove’. A major feature of Frias’ work is funked out electric guitar and on this number it’s in full flight. After sliding in a very catchy phrase ‘Dance, get down…feel the groove!’ we’re already well on our way to dance delirium. This is the sort of audio I’d imagine getting rinsed at a wedding reception when all attendees are well on their way to a stinking hangover.

Turning to the B side, we have ‘Supah Stah’, a record any DJ with decent taste would drop the needle on as their set’s coming to a close. This one’s probably the most soulful on the EP, full of gospel vocal snippets and groovy ad-libs. Listen closely to ‘Supah Stah’ as it preaches a beautiful message – simply be yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you any different because we’re all superstars in our own right! And damn, that’s definitely worth celebrating!

The curtain closer, ‘Swahili Dance’ (as the name suggests) is an African enthused bongo party. Being an entirely instrumental piece, Javi has certainly thought this one through, producing a kaleidoscope of trumpets, whistles and twanged out bass notes. As a native of Madrid, it’s always great to hear a European working together a track that sounds authentically tribal in nature. If any African nation happened to clinch the World Cup, this would be a fitting anthem for the after-party.

After listening through ‘Move to the Groove‘ EP it’s pretty hard to argue against the fact that disco is the most joyous genre on earth. So get happy with Javi!