PREMIERE : Jad & The – Gospel Five [Axe on Wax]


London-based label Axe On Wax (soundcloud) has been an absolute powerhouse as of late, dishing out quality offerings one after another between itself and its sub-labels, the gritty Axe Traxx and groovy forthcoming PNP. Now, the label’s main imprint has its AOW 008 release coming up, bringing back the dance floor focus with cozy cuts from Marlon Hoffstadt and Jesse Bru on the A’s, and Jad & The and Turenne rounding off the B’s.

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Our premiere track comes from Brisbane-born, Berlin-based Jad & The (soundcloud). You may know him previously as Jad & The Ladyboy, or simply Jad Lee, co-founder of taste-making radio show Beats of No Nation. Jad brings us B1 ‘Gospel Five’, a bouncy number packed with quirk and character. ‘Gospel Five’ opens with the immediacy of raw percussion and lightly droning flutters. Cosmic synth flourishes drives the track’s direction, moving forward against the backdrop of a casual dialogue between block keys chords. Jad chucks in some fun surprises – glitchy percussive rolls, abrupt wind-downs, and wobbly pitch slides… you name it. Just when you think the track is building momentum, we jump to an interlude featuring an up-pitched spoken vocal sample over tribal drums and a sustained, suspenseful pad-synth chord. Dynamic, engaging and unexpected, Jad & The’s track makes you listen real hard, but without compromising on that dance floor punch.

If early support from Baltra, Deejay Astral and DJ Octopus goes to show anything, it’s that AOW 008 is one to look out for!