Jad & The – Two Dancing [Down by the Lake]

One of the most important people in my life name is Sue. She is kind, she is warm and ever relaxed. Now I’m almost certain that Australian expat Jad & The doesn’t know her personally, however he’s crafted a record that’s a reminder of all the amazing things she’s done for me.

At Bolting Bits, we’ve always been loyal fans of Jad & The’s productions. Having previously dropped EP’s on classy imprints such as Toy Tonics, FINA Records and his very own Beats Of No Nation, he has now linked up with Julius Steinhoff, owner of Down By The Lake. As release No.4 on the label Jad grabs a spot by the still waters alongside Saile, Ron Blanco and TRP.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-jad-the-two-dancing” /]
Our attention is set firmly on the A1 ‘Two Dancing’, a beautiful ride. Melding a stunning piano scale, steady kick drum, hypnotic hi-hats and a vocal snatch that sounds like my godmother’s name, we have a tune that should cast your mind back to fond memories…whatever they may be? The Aussie has an obvious knack for writing, selecting but a handful of instruments and somehow always stringing them together in harmony. I bet this would go down an absolute treat at a wedding reception for a couple’s first dance. They’d of course have to be lovers of house music but hey aren’t we all.

Hop to it as this one’s a vinyl only release with a sterling Moomin remix of the B2 ‘Archy Krules’.