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Hidden Spheres est un de ces producteurs qui frappe fort dès le départ. En à peine plus d’an d’activité, il est déjà présent sur plusieurs labels emblématiques (dont nos adorés Dirt Crew ) et compte 3 EPs en solo pleins de samples jazzy qui détonnent sur des rhythmes chauds dans un style House sans prise de tête. Tirant le plein parti du “less is more“, ses morceaux brillent souvent par leur construction impeccable et leur simplicité rafraîchissante, qui appelle à la danse et à la détente. Les mélodies sont douces, pleines d’harmoniques sybillines, et les mélanges sonnent toujours juste, touchant à un tourbillon de références des musiques modernes.

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First of all hi and thank you for the chat! Could you introduce yourself and your work up to now?

Hello, thanks for inviting me to contribute to your mix series. My releases as Hidden Spheres look like this:
2015 – Hidden Spheres – Waiting [Distant Hawaii]
2015 – Hidden Spheres – The Bloos EP [Moods & Grooves]

2015 – Hidden Spheres – HS:HBN EP [Dabit Records]

2014 – Hidden Spheres – Baby’s Smile | Deep Love 10 [Dirt Crew Records]

2014 – Hidden Spheres – Walking Tall EP [Save Your Records]

Could you define for us your musical influences? What is the genealogy of Hidden Spheres?
I suppose everything I have ever listened to influences my music, even the stuff i’m not into has an effect! More directly… as a teenager when i first started producing I was making a lot of instrumental hip hop, I wanted to sound like RJD2, Dilla, Shadow… that kind of thing. So I think that has naturally influenced my work as a lot of my tracks tend to revolve around a sample of some sort, usually jazz.

Can you tell us more about the Distant Hawaii endeavour? It has been extremely well received among House afficionados, how did that first record come about?
I had completed a few tracks that I thought worked well together and started thinking about the labels I was into that I could send them to. I was listening to a lot of stuff coming out on Lobster Theremin at the time. I knew the tracks weren’t exactly a musical fit for LT but I emailed them anyway. Jimmy got in touch pretty quick and said they would be perfect for a new sub label he was starting… and that was that really :)

What can you tell us about the HBN collaboration? Who is this mysterious figure?
HBN… Well all I know is they’re big fans of turkish jazz and cats.

Onto your EP The Bloos, how did you get it to come out on such an iconic label as Moods & Grooves? Owner Mike Grant has always been keen on pushing new names, how did that one come to be?
I was listening to a lot of Detroit/Chicago stuff at the time and was going through the entire MG catalogue. I think that probably comes across a little in the EP. Myself and Mike skyped a couple of times after I had sent him some tracks, there were a few more emails and eventually we picked three tracks that became The Bloos EP. I am so grateful to be on a label that has featured so many artists that inspired me!

Having put out just 3 full records as Hidden Spheres, are you feeling good about the future? Can you tell us about your plans?
I have another EP coming out in the new year at some point with one of my newest label loves. We’re just finalising the tracks for it at the moment but I’ll have to keep the details hushed for now! Other than that I’m starting to play out a bit more and I’m really enjoying it! So hopefully some more of that to.

Are there any labels or artists that you would like to work with?
I’ve had a couple of offers of collaborations from some artist I own records by, which has been both flattering and surprising! I have never really collaborated with anyone before so I’m very interested to see how it will go. I would love to work with some Jazz heroes of mine but most of those are no longer with us so it could be tough!

What is your composition process like? Are you more technical, more of an improviser?
I don’t think I have any real process ? I tend to get an idea that usually starts around a looped element; be it some keys, synth, sample or beat and build up/around from there. I like to use a mixture of real world instruments and recordings and software stuff… In some ways I wish I had more of a process as I have so many unfinished tracks and 8 bar loops.

What has been your favourite gig to date? Any night that stands out?
Hmm, My first date in London was great for many reasons: It was at Corsica which is a venue I had always wanted to play and it was alongside some great DJ’s/Producers (ed. note: Moomin, Kornél Kovács and Hashman Deejay). But the best vibe so far has to be the other week at my local venue Soup Kitchen, the promoters were all super friendly and really into the music and everyone was there to dance and have a good time. Thanks again to the Euphony crew.

Any words for our readers? What were your last good musical discoveries?
Words?… haberdashery. I’ve always liked that one. Thanks for supporting, listening and dancing to my music … and be nice to each other.
Last musical discovery… Phlash 3000, really nice! I put one of my favourites in the mix! And I can’t stop listening to Ninguem Vai Me Segurar by Ana Mazzotti.

Interview par : Sébastien Lullin