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La Fleur est une de ces jeunes DJ proactives qui diffuse son parfum partout où elle pose son diamant. Résidente du célèbre Watergate de Berlin et enfant de la génération Y, elle fait partie de cette nouvelle vague d’acteur de la scène musicale et culturelle qui ose se mettre en danger quotidiennement pour poursuivre leurs rêves. Électrons libres et pousses ultra productives déconstruisant les schémas classiques désuets pour créer leurs propres et uniques chemins de vie. La fleur, comme un élément de l’écosystème qui survit par lui même, puisant dans les moindres ressources qui permettent son rayonnement et donnent un véritable sens à son existence. La Fleur, pour une musique qui cristallise cette nouvelle génération d’hommes et de femmes qui décident de défier les systèmes en place. S’inspirant de ses prédécesseurs et puisant dans des références parfois aux antipodes de la musique électronique, les productions de la suédoise cultivent la délicatesse et la sensualité tout en remuant nos sens et nos perceptions, jouant avec les distorsions et les tempos comme un voyage à travers le temps et les peuples.

C’est dans le cadre d’un After-Party de son set à l’Igloofest que La Fleur viendra poser ses racines. En attendant son set envoutant, nous lui ouvrons nos pages pour une interview made in Bolting Bits.


Let’s start with your first step in electronic music. Everybody has some souvenir about how he/she fell into a certain type of music. What was the starting point, your first musical love ? What is the story behind your coming to electronic music ?
My first musical love was a Michael Jackson tape I got from my grandfather. Classical music was also very important, mostly coming from the countless ballet classes I attended growing up, and it made me love dancing to music. So when I discovered dance music, it all fell into place.

You decided to quit your day job to develop your artistic skills. Few people have the guts and the motivation to do it. Fear of being out of a “normal life” is one of the reasons that scares them. What made you overcome this fear or what made you take this decision?
Growing up, and to this day, my favorite motto is; Do something that scares you every day. And I think with that mentality you can go far, not being afraid of change, trusting that you will handle it. About leaving my career as a pharmacist I came to a point where I had to choose. I was working full time and also djing every weekend and trying to fit in studio time, it was a work overload. So I asked for a few months leave of absence and moved to Berlin to pursue my musical dream, and here I am.

Your ascension is lightning. You played, produced and took residence in Berlin in a very short time. Did you had a lucky star or a strong and powerful ambition?
I’ve been living in Berlin for the last eight years so I don’t think it was such a short time haha. Hard work pays off but sometimes you need a little luck too!

Electronic music is always in movement, especially these days. Becoming, in a way, more accessible. What do you think of this new place electronic music seem to be occupy in the musical landscape? Do you feel part of a new age?
I think it’s important to welcome and embrace change. Then you make your own way through that. Things come and go, important is to stay true to yourself and what you like.

2015 was a year full of love, success and good things for you. What was your top 3 moments of 2015 ?
It was! Tuff choices but the biggest love was having my baby daughter in February. I was also very proud to receive the P3 Gold awards (the Swedish version of a grammy) in Best Dance Act of The Year, and a lot of good musical highlights like my releases on Last Night On Earth and Watergate as well as enjoying playing a set at Boiler Room.

Could you define for us your musical influences? What is the genealogy of La Fleur?
I grew up dancing to music, mostly classical ballet for 8 years and from there my love for dance music grew. I also have a background as a pop and rock nerd, listening to alternative stuff like Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo. Also coming from Sweden where I think we have a lot of melodies in our traditional folk music, all of this influenced me to like melodies, danceable grooves.

You have upcoming projects like a Various Artist with Jesper Ryom, new contributors like Acid Mondays and Justin Massei. As label manager, could you tell us more about them? How did you meet?
Yes the VA for Power Plant is a celebration of my label turning 5 years. Jesper Ryom I met through mutual Danish friends and was immediately touched by the feeling and emotions in his productions. Acid Mondays I know since they did a cool remix for me on the Orbit EP (Last Night On Earth). Justin Massei I met at a party at Watergate in Berlin through mutual friends, he is an upcoming producer I believe in and am excited to have join Power Plant.

What’s on your stereo at the moment?
A bit more David Bowie since he passed away. Otherwise I’m working on my Spotify playlist where I add some special tunes that do not always end up in my dj set, check it out: La Fleur Likes

We saw you spent a lot of time in South America (Brazil, Mexico) earlier this year. How is the scene there? Do you like discovering new city, new vibes and concept around the world ?It’s cooking! I very much enjoy discovering all that around the world, that’s some of the perks about the dj work :)

Do you feel ready to face our -20° at Igloofest ?
No not at all actually haha. Meaning the cold. Since I just got back from touring Brazil, Colombia and Mexico; I actually don’t have proper winter clothes.. I will do layer on layer and bring hot tunes!

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