Bolting Bits w/ BASIC SOUL UNIT

bolting bits with Basic soul unit

Bolting Bits is happy to invite the ever-talented Basic Soul Unit for our next outing at Le Bleury-Bar à Vinyle. Accompanied by Montréal’s own Adam Feingold, expect a musical journey intertwining through many different styles and genres.

Basic Soul Unit

Toronto native Stuart Li is as versatile a DJ as they come. With releases on many renowned labels throughout the years and co-running his own imprint Lab.our Music, we can safely say his production skills and ear for music are just as good. Generally known for house-leaning sounds, he is also effortlessly able to weave his way through disco or techno, depending on where the night goes.

We had the chance to interview him recently and he also provided us with a mix. Have a listen and get yourself ready: MIXED BY/ Basic Soul Unit

Adam Feingold

This local has been making waves lately with follow-up EPs on Apron Music as well as 1080p under his “Ex-Terrestrial” moniker, while also co-running Temple Records. His eclectic sound ranges from raw analogue grooves to ethereal soundscapes and it’s this wide range that we believe will be a perfect complement to Basic Soul Unit’s versatility.

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