Interview avec Brame & Hamo

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Natif de Sligo en Irlande, Brame et Hamo deux noms dont la notoriété n’a cessé de grandir ces deux dernières années. Ayant commencés à produire en solo, ce n’est qu’en 2014 que l’association entre ces deux phénomènes commence à porter ses fruits. Ils décident alors de partir pour Berlin où les choses commencèrent à s’accélérer. Après un premier EP “Street Urchin” s’offrant un remix de Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND chez Dirt Crew recording, le label Heist Recording de Detroit Swindle, leur ouvre grand les bras et “The Parish Rumors” voit le jour. Une sortie fracassante et très remarquée qui les rend rapidement incontournable. A peine un mois s’écoule depuis “The Parish Rumors” et Brame & Hamo récidive avec “Lamaj’s Secret” chez Dirt Crew. Un nouveau coup de maître avec la participation du brillant Andy Hart. La machine est alors lancée. Profitant de cette nouvelle notoriété, ils créent leur propre label “Splendor & Squalor” sur lequel ils comptabilisent déjà deux EP avec des remix signés Session Victim ou encore Kickflip. Face à un tel engouement on a voulu en savoir plus sur ces producteurs 2.0.

Could you guys give us a bit of info about each of your individual backgrounds?

 We are two boys born and raised in the S town, cert city aka Sligo. West coast baby. We are a few years apart but we went to the same high school although we didn’t really get to know each other until after. We started making music together because we had really similar tastes and we both liked hip hop and stuff. We ended up going to college in northern Ireland and moving into a place together, thats where we started doing loads of stuff.

When and how did you meet and decide to do music together?

We met through mutual friends I think. But then again if your two people in sligo who like similar underground music your bound to cross paths. We had a big bunch of friends who produced and we would all make tracks together, but then we decided to do stuff on our own because we had really similar tastes.

Brame was putting out releases before you Hamo, where you active musically under other aliases before too?

I actually wasn’t. I started producing around 3 years ago so I was basically getting the grips of producing when we started properly making stuff together. We had a few collabs and some solo free d/l tracks but nothing major. We then eventually made the Dirt Crew record and so on.

 What’s your process like? Do you have a studio together or work apart?

 We usually work on little ideas individually and then present it to each other and work from there. Sometimes we start things together but it’s not that fun because we don’t have much gear and it’s a little bit boring when its just one on the laptop and one watching from the start. “Do you like this kick drum?” haha

 Is the studio hardware/software based? Both?

 Its actually mostly software. We are slowly picking up some gear but it’s a long and costly process. In the future we hope to get more hardware but until then we are happy with the stuff that we have put out just by being the regular bedroom producer.

 What influences you, musically and otherwise, to make tracks?

 We get influenced mostly by hip hop and disco and the vintage sound in general. Also listening to jazz and stuff, really makes you want to be better yourself at the keyboard and music theory. i like trying to recreate a jazz track, then when you have something close to it down, resample it and try and make it into a house track.

 How did the hook-up with Dirt Crew come about?

 That came about by just sending off the demos which usually can be a grueling process where some guys don’t get back, never listen etc. But with Peter (Dirt Crew) he really digged our stuff and we are ever so grateful as he has giving us his full support and has really helped us out over the last year. As for 2016 we have some nice plans with dirt crew which we look forward to.

 I have read in another interview that you relocated to Berlin, how’s the change? Why did you make the decision?

 Berlin is awesome, we moved here last year. It’s a huge change as sligo isn’t that big of a city and its quite a big culture shock but we love it. Its nice to see people you wanna hear play so often. Also its nice to be close to other producers were friends with and the dirt crew guys. We decided to move here as living in sligo you can feel a little bit isolated, just knowing labels over email and stuff. Berlin is a great central point so most people we might know through music will be here at some point during the year.

 Do you feel it has influenced your way of making music?

Em yes it does. Our productions didn’t go darker as a lot of producers veer towards with the clubbing lifestyle of Berlin, but if anything we definitely upped the tempo of our music. The biggest influence is that the standard is so high. There are so many sick producers/djs here in Berlin. It really was an eye opener.

Interview by Bowly ojpb