Session Victim – Enlightenment [Night Time Stories]

Session Victim’s 5th studio album ‘low key, low pressure’ feels like an anathema to today’s fast paced, industry driven musical landscape – and for all the right reasons!

Having released two intense, dancefloor-focused 12“s on Rhythm Section and Delusions of Grandeur over the past year, their return to Night Time Stories brings out their trippy, headsy side once again. And despite the pandemic downtime being over, Hauke & Matthias remain holed up in the studio, jamming, head nodding to drum breaks, and churning out records like the one in front of you.

The tracks on ‘low key, low pressure’ feel effortless, but they can only have been created by musicians who are masters of their craft – even though they both swear “the music was just playing us, we just pressed the record”. Fifteen years after releasing their debut, Session Victim are taking stock on ‘low key, low pressure’, their new long player that is hosted on Night Time Stories, and up for release this week. This is their fifth studio album and is, in many ways, an homage to their career. It is most certainly a record that will tell you what the German duo are all about.

Inspired by their passion for touching all corners of the electronic world, the collection showcases ten carefully crafted productions produced in the intensity of their tight Berlin production bubble. Containing an undoubted sense of nostalgia, ‘low key, low pressure’ works for ultra late Saturday nights, just as it would play out beautifully as the sun comes up on sleepy Sunday mornings. It’s synth effects and drum chops are cut with hip-hop breakbeats and hazy melodies to engage you, while songs like ‘Walk In The Park’ leave space for thought and reflection, track ‘Mycelium Dub’ and it’s foggy, meditative vibe will both hypnotise and mesmerise. Here Session Victim demonstrate their talent for melding musical worlds on this ten track missive, providing us with a timely reminder that the German underground duo are going nowhere and have plenty to offer.


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