Ilija Rudman Feat. Andre Espeut – Tears To Sound (Ron Trent Vocal Mix)

ron trent - cover imogen

Production is constant motion. Never ending, improving, reimagining, scrapping, cringing and flogging.  Remixing, reworking, dubbing, redubbing, remastering, reshaping and rearranging.

And then… edits, edits, edits.  Many minds can go into a single production and more still for an entire release.  Then come the infinite possible remixes. So many people can make contributions to a work that tracks are often given endless shelf lives.  Sometimes the person who worked on a track right before you is Ron Trent.

Fresh from releasing his “Sagittarii” album on Bear Funk, Ilija Rudman is back on his own label Imogen with two stellar remixes from the mighty Ron Trent. First up is the vocal mix of the track, keeping Andre Espeut’s voice front and centre around a cascade of pattering rhythms and a delicious bassline. On the flip you get treated to the Imogen Soundsystem edit of Trent’s instrumental, which has the track heading straight into space in the truest Ron Trent fashion. Truly life affirming, soul-soaked stuff. Imogen now join forces with NuNorthern Soul and present 2 versions kept only for their DJ sets. This is Imogen x NuNorthern Soul release with 2 amazing mixes – one Vocal Radio Edit by Ilija Rudman and second Instrumental Edit by Imogen Soundsystem. For the DJs. Pre-order here.