IFF – A Rainy Day On Mt Vernon [Releisure]


Keeping the momentum of recent sought after releases, Intergalactic Faerie Funk, (AKA IFF) returns to NYC imprint releisure a deep and considered 12”. Like IFF’s previous outing on releisure, the ‘Save The Robots EP’ gets a lot right. The release is an impeccably produced nod to the diverse range of influences on IFF’s sonic identity and contains all the classic hallmarks of quality house music.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-iff-a-rainy-day-on-mt-vernon” /]

Our premiere sits on the B2. ‘A Rainy Day On Mt Vernon’ establishes an organic atmosphere that is equal parts eerie while a warm kick-clap combo drives things forward. Despite the ostensible hive of activity, the track is refreshingly stripped back. Allowing each sound its breathing space, IFF creates the kind of rich textured loops that transform into worlds to get lost in. With tender tones and gentle grooves, the mood is cozy and inviting, with a pervasive sense of calm. This is a track that provides a comforting kind of warmth that would be equally welcomed in the living room as on the dancefloor of a party at its tail ends.

The four-tracker is set to drop later this month through Lobster Distribution.