Ichisan – Modri Tunel (Rhodes Version) [Bordello A Parigi]

Bordello A Parigi is an Amsterdam-based record label, online shop, distributor and as of about a year ago, a physical store as well, all founded by one man, Otto Kraanen. Although only opening up the shop last March, Bordello A Parigi has been well apparent on the scene since launching back in 2011. Focusing mainly on italo, wave, disco and related genres, the Dutch imprint has managed to carve itself a reputation as one of the premiere purveyors of the aforementioned styles.[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/ichisan-modri-tunel-rhodes-version” /]

In early 2017, Slovenian photographer turned producer Igor Skafar AKA Ichisan (soundcloud) released his debut album “Aperitiv” via Bordello a Parigi. The 11 track LP was, as always, in line with the label’s vision, fusing analog elements into italo, cosmic, wave, disco and acid-inspired jams. Now, a little over a year after the LP’s release, Ichisan is back with four selected reworks from the album. Shedding a lot of the machine-fuelled sounds, he opts for a more organic, instrumental approach with natural drums, guitars, bass, piano and more filling in for the roles previously taken by synthesizers and drum machines. Despite losing a lot of the original instrumentation he manages to keep the feel of the originals intact while focusing on specific instruments for each rework – the harpsichord, rhodes piano, trumpet and piano.

Ichisan serves up a delectable four course offering on his “Aperitiv Selected Reworks” EP and it all starts with the appetizer and A1, Hotel Jama (Harpsichord Version). Taking a more uplifting approach than its album counterpart, soaring arpeggios and jolly harpsichord keys make this a delectable first taste. Diving into the first part of the main course and our premiere for today, the A2, Modri Tunel (Rhodes Version) has an almost blues-y feel to it with twangy guitars and of course the slightly moodier rhodes keys adding a soulful touch. The Todd Terje-esque bassline of the original is replaced with a funky bass guitar on the B1, Kozmetika (Trumpet Version), while the horns take centre stage and add even more flavour to this already decadent meal. Terminal E (Piano Version) is the last track and digestif of this particular EP with the piano melodies here serving as the final sip after a particularly wholesome meal. More than just an Aperitiv, these reworks need to be consumed as a full spread.

Out early April, you can pre-order your copy directly from the shop here.

Igor B