Human Movement – Reframed [Of Leisure]

The Human Movement project has undergone significant sonic development in the past 12 months. From a well established house project within his underground community of Sydney Australia, Edward Macdonald’s most recent singles have elevated him to more than just connoisseur of taste, but to a producer reaching grandiose heights, one established in a delicate care for the creation of sonic universes. This ethos and new chapter of music has now combined to create Human Movement’s first solo body of work, KINETIC.

With the release of the body of work comes the first listen of new Human Movement original, Reframed. Reframed’s grandiose vocal chops, raging string lines and two step drum pattern make for a dark and grungy take on the traditionally glitzy garage genre. While vast in its territories, sonics and inspiration there is something brilliant about its continuity. Each build up is a narrative, each drumline a distant rhythm and each vocal chop a distinct feeling. Out on Of Leisure.


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