Ginoli – Highest Point [Of Leisure]

Boh oh boy! 2020’s been a weird one. From natural disasters to a global pandemic and race riots, this year has already seen it’s fair share. Amidst all this chaos, labels plough on, dedicated to releasing great tunes, no matter what the circumstances.

Sydney based dance unit Of Leisure are one of these we speak of. Flying the flag, these guys are proud to announce the second instalment of their club compilation series Blue Line Steppers. A bundle of music to move your limbs too, made just by humans from Australia and New Zealand. A host of those who feature are artists who probably aren’t on your radar yet should be. Names like Chetch, Freda and Penelope Two-Five all offer up really swish cuts.

Our focus is on the A2 from Ginoli, ‘Highest Point’. Ginoli’s yet another name that might not ring any bells but maybe the psych-rock band POND will…?

Having drummed with Western Australian based POND (who share band members with Tame Impala) for many years, Ginoli’s stepped out to flex his club muscles. Greeted by synths that remind us of taking off from the tarmac plus a delicious kick, we’re quickly on our way to the sky. Perky KORG sections and rolling drum combinations then knock down the doors and we’ve got ourselves something really lovely! It’s almost like the tune will stop abruptly and we’ll hear the captain’s voice over the intercom, laying down a spiel on the weather and current cruising altitude

There’s an air of pure joy on this one, no judgement. Flail around however you see fit. For our mind, ‘Highest Point’ isn’t polarising, it’ll be loved by dance fans far and wide. So, grab yourselves a grin from ear-to-ear and visualise lifting off, destined for a foreign land with Ginoli as your mighty conductor!