Herman – T. Diluent (Holloway Remix) [Fine Grains Records]

The second of a triplet on Fine Grains for the Surrey-based producer, Herman. Four ruminating low-end constructions with the heads down crew always in mind. With clubs starting to re-open, the ‘Narcissus EP’ lands at the perfect moment. ‘Sol’ takes on a heady mix of tribal drums, haunting distorted vocal snippets and teasing breakbeats. And this is the essence of the ‘Narcissus EP’, as we go further down the rabbit hole into Herman’s world of deep myoclonus percussion.

Herman’s tale is furthered with remixes by two exciting emergent production talents – Holloway from the UK and Zohar in the Netherlands. The emphasis remains on drums, slipping into some classic d’n’b flavour with Holloway and a powerful modern breakbeat re-shake from Zohar (her first ever remix). ‘Narcissus’ is a call to arms for a return to those dark and sweaty nights we once shared with strangers on dance floors and dingy basements across the globe. Let’s get back to it.


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