Bristol-based label Fate and Fiction Recordings (FAF) are back with their fourth installment, which will be the first of theirs this year. The imprint is owned by Lee Pattison, better known as Wolf Music and Omena Records artist Thrilogy. Coming off the phenomenal release of their 4-track collaboration Video Freaks EP with London-based producer Ossie, FAF appear ready to make 2018 their most successful year yet.

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In their latest outing, FAF have decided to come out with originals from Thrilogy himself, as well as hometown favorites like Christophe and Delahay. If that were not enough to whet your appetite, the Bristol lads have once again employed UK beatsmith Greymatter to take this compilation to another level! Having been a part of their Video Freaks EP, Greymatter has gone for a similar aesthetic in the making of his track “Last Lift.” A tune meant to be listened to in the early hours of the morning, “Last Lift” acts as an homage to the underground scene Bristol is known for around the world.

Throughout the track, a man can be heard repeating the phrase, “You wanna go home? It’s 6 o’clock in the morning.” We’ve all been there. You’re at an undisclosed location, it’s late, and you’ve been dancing to the near point of exhaustion. You don’t know whether to stay at the rave or leave, so you turn your friend and ask them that exact phrase. How do you answer such a question? Well, we cannot say. All we can tell you is that if this face-melter from Greymatter is playing, you’ll most likely be there for a while! Sleep is for weak and this song is for the strong!

Make sure to grab your copy of V/A FAFEP004 by following this link right here!