PREMIERE : Greymatter – Burning 4 U [Unique Uncut]

Greymatter - Burning 4 U

Greymatter (soundcloud), real name Graham Luckhurst, took a little break after his previous album ‘Visions‘ was released on WOLF Music in 2014, a label that he helped form the foundations of, alongside artists Medlar and KRL. His hiatus, which we assume was spent producing and gigging, was ended by a single released on WOLF’s ‘7 Years, Who Cares’ record followed by some remixes and singles on his own imprint Unique Uncut. Now, he has announced a third full-length album “No Blood Without“, which will have a limited run of 300 vinyl copies and 30 cassettes.

With years spent co-running lauded Mr. Bongo, it’s no wonder Luckhurst’s music draws on a wide variety of influences. Listening to all sorts of genres and styles, his eclectic taste comes from his love for digging. One thing that stands out in most of his own productions, though, is the groove, something he always searches for whether it be through sampling, writing his own or re-creating. Loose rhythms are something not every producer can get down, yet Graham is able to keep those swung grooves somewhat tame and danceable. The new album has plenty of these and more, from housier jams to broken beats to more downtempo material, Greymatter shows his versatility and his love for sampling and lo-fi sonics.

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Today, we’re happy to bring you the premiere of the second track on the album ‘Burning 4 U’. A tambourine groove and moody chords open up this cut, with rather spooky atmospheres resonating in the background. A pitched female vocal with the song’s tagline comes into the fray just before the booming low-end of the kick announces the real beginning. Clinking high end percussion carries the rhythm from here on into the break where the track gets even eerier with a sinister sounding synth line and echoing percussion, before coming back full swing with all the combined elements into the climax of the tune. Definitely a late night stomper reserved for dance floor destruction.

You can pre-order your copy of the new album here.