Glassio – Summertime (Kept the Blues Away) [Glassio Italo Mix] [Toucan Sounds]

Glassio readies ‘Summertime (Kept the Blues Away)’ for toucan sounds this December, featuring a remix from Robert PM.

Originally appearing on the 2020 album ‘For The Very Last Time’, Irish-Iranian musician Glassio’s ‘Summertime (Kept the Blues Away)’, a sun-soaked slice of indie pop, receives the remix treatment on toucan sounds. The release sees Glassio revisit his track alongside a remix from label boss Robert PM, dropping ahead of their New Years Eve party at Mercury Lounge in New York City, which features Glassio and French Horn Rebellion on the lineup. Flipping ‘Summertime (Kept the Blues Away)’ into a deep and driving cut, Robert PM introduces a 4/4 pattern, fluttering arps, and resonant low-end into the mix, making for a dynamic and engaging listen from start to finish.

Following this is Glassio’s own ‘Italo Mix’, with lively claps, heavy-hitting disco toms, and a chugging bassline making way for classic Italo-disco tropes. Closing out the EP, both the instrumental mix of Robert PM’s remix and the emotive original track appear, available exclusively to digital stores. “When I first heard the original version of this song, it reminded me of one of my favorite things to explore deep in my memories, which is summertime growing up in Wisconsin. I think back to those summers and how it seems anything was possible to happen. We can keep the blues away, we can go dancing, we can fall in love.”

Robert PM Glassio ‘Summertime (Kept the Blues Away)’ drops on toucan sounds 10th December.

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