Giovanni Damico – The Sounds of Revolution [Lumberjacks in Hell]

giovanni damico - the sound of revolution
You might not have realized that every January Marcel Vogel’s Lumberjacks in Hell releases a 12″ from Giovanni Damico, an Italian DJ/musician and owner of White Rabbit Recordings. ‘The Sounds of Revolution EP’ is four tracks of absolute Italo boogie bliss. Make no mistake, there is nothing sampled here. Giovanni is singing and playing all of the instruments. This EP is quirky, funky, and totally original. It’s Giovanni’s vocal delivery that makes this EP of loose disco workouts so unique. Equal parts slinky party juggernaut and laid back groover, ‘The Sounds of Revolution EP’ is crammed with maximum musicality!

“The Sounds of Revolution,” the EP’s title track, is pretty much all you could ever want in a tune. First of all, if this is the sounds of revolution, then sign me up for the fuckin’ front lines. Like, Jesus Christ this song is good. It’s impossible to listen to it without picturing yourself absolutely wasting away on Aperol spritz somewhere on a beach in the Mediterranean. Giovanni starts the track with a simple funk guitar lick over ultra crisp percussion before blasting off into a certified in-funk-tious bassline. If all that wasn’t enough, then he starts singing! “Listen to the music.” “Feel your body dancing.” I HEAR YA BROTHER. I could continue the review, get technical about things, or I could say go listen for yourself. And that’s what I’ll do because no review of mine could live up to the magic of this tune.


Giovanni Damico’s ‘The Sounds of Revolution EP’ releases on February 8th via Lumberjacks in Hell. Expect the wax to go quickly.