George Earnest – Awake My Friend [PEAR]

Where am I? Am I dreaming? What…is this place? These may be the questions you ask yourself when you hit play on George Earnest’s latest project, “A Dreaming Island”, forthcoming on the budding Irish label, Pear. Once again dipping into the local pool, Pear has hit on another extremely talented producer in George, a Kilkenny native now based in Berlin. Sold as an elegy to hedonistic isle living, the EP drifts in and out through 6 balearia-tinged varieties, all referencing various styles of early to late 90’s house music & new age tropes.

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“Awake My Friend” is a gorgeous trip through heart-wrenching ambient melodies and some midi guitar shredding. Starting quietly, sweet pads and FM-style synths glisten as the track builds so nicely into a calm, breaks driven euphoria. Honestly, listening to this makes me feel like a dolphin. More specifically, a video-game dolphin. You ever just wish you were an 8-bit dolphin surfin’ those digital waves in infinite bliss? I have. Shit, life would be so much easier if George soundtracked it. Might have to keep this on repeat for the rest of eternity.

Keep an eye on Pear, a label with an obviously solid ear for good tunes and top production talents. In the meantime, support the youngins by shellin’ out some dough for the EP. It’s out now via Bandcamp in digital and vinyl format. Shoot George a follow too, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Fins up.