G. Markus – Eternal [G-Edits]

G-Edits is up there with the best of them when it comes to the sweet sound of disco, and if you haven’t heard of them we suggest you buy the entire discography right this minute. Ben Gomori has taken his time to mould a smooth reputable label whose consistency outshines its neighbour labels. The man with an incredible work ethic, not only performing under Ben but with his alias too G Markus all the while running several labels such as Monologues Records, Sterns Edits and G-Edits. But his impressive CV doesn’t stop there with the talented musician hosting regular podcasts, radio shows and refugee fundraisers he truly does have a heart and mind of gold and its filled with music. Roots For Bloom and Soul Clap Records are just two of the labels G Markus has released with, he never fails to deliver and keeps up that record today.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-g-markus-eternal/” /]
Up next on G-Edits is the 4th installment of the labels hit vinyl-only series and its set to be another high energy disco pumper with G Markus the server. The first track is a filtered vocal scorcher called Partee and it most certainly is. Following comes our delightful premiere Eternal, and we’ll tell you one thing you’ll be eternally grateful for picking up this EP! A percussive groover with joyful horns and guitar riffs playing out to really make this a summer anthem for any music fan. Take our word for it and grab your copy of G-Edits 004, we’ve never let you down before.


Adam R.