Fu Dog – Heksie Rhythm [City Bowl Wax Network]

Fu Dog’s Heksie Rhythm EP is an ode to the unordinary, bouncing between dreamy distortions, vibey electronica and ambient dance music. First up, AllFearNoLies is a deep dive into the sonic subconscious of its creator, and an emotional, drum-less entry to an EP later boasting more upbeat compositions.

Next in line, Heksie Rhythm is a glimpse into a live jam session with friends, sampled into a bass-heavy, colourful electronic anthem. Third on the list, Fuck [2] Perfection features a floating, moody arpeggiation, carried by organic drums and a very playful arrangement. Last up, What You Think is the only dance track on the EP, ending things off with a spacious, driving, subdued thumper


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