Fouk – Truffles [Heist Recordings]

fouk - heist recording
The Truffles EP marks Fouk‘s third outing on Heist Recordings, which has served as both a launching pad and a laboratory of sorts for the Dutch duo. With each effort on the label, the Utrecht boys have gradually tinkered their sound. While the Kill Frenzy EP may have marked the peak of the label’s deep disco lean, With Lasers displayed exploration from the duo into more hardware and synthesizer-showcasing waters. Truffles furthers the experimentation, with Fouk integrating newer, unexpected flavors into their repertoire.

The title track, and our premiere for the occasion, sets its foundation on an uptempo percussion sample and vintage drum programming. A tightly arpeggiated acid bass and throwback pads lead the build up to the main action of the track; a big piano riff that helps shift the tune into its higher gear. “Truffles” is certainly a changeup to the duo’s normally hi-fi sample/synth blend, though perhaps it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise since Heist has a penchant for pushing its roster of artists to pursue new sonic palettes.

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The remainder of the EP, on the other hand, is more akin to the Fouk of days past; “I’ll be down” and “Need my space” falling more closely in line with the duo’s playful deep house sound. Perhaps the presence of piano and drum machine motifs tie the EP together in a way, conceptually speaking. To round things out, Hugo LX’s remix of “I’ll be down” is a chilled jazzy house affair accentuated by a sultry trumpet lead.

Truffles is available on 12″ vinyl on March 22, and digitally three days later on March 25.