Forriner – Cat & Dog Stairs (Longhair Remix) [Clandestino]

CLAN008 - forriner - clandestino

Forriner are Lee Forster and Oli Warriner, better known by their individual projects Last Waltz and Traela who met through their contributions to the Newcastle music scene. Having successfully put out solo material on staples such as ESP Institute, Mule Musiq, Let’s Play House, Tusk Wax and Hhatri, their first releases for Futureboogie Recordings and Man Power’s Me Me Me have been well received including picking up airplay on BBC Radio 1. ‘Meet Me At Burgerellas’ sees the pair join Clandestino’s output whi have released Jose Manuel, Kolomensky, Coyote and Chris Coco picking up support from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Axel Boman, Red Axes, Crazy P and many more.

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‘Meet Me At Burgerellas’ kicks things off with fluttering chord progression, angelic leads and alleviating notes keeping the track infectious yet soothing. Cladenstino’s remix of ‘Meet Me At Burgerellas’ progresses into an organic percussive groove, softening melodic elements and gentle vocals in the distance while their ‘Sunrise Mix’ deploys tranquilising elements and calming textures balanced harmoniously with pulsating low-end and euphoric keys.

‘The Cat & Dog Stairs’ throws down punchy drums, playful modulations and blissful swirls of euphoria giving off an emotive and rapturous energy. Longhair are Swift and Marco Pelaic from the Wilde Renate family in Berlin with releases on Schallplatten and Bordello A Parigi. They round things off with a shimmering remix influenced by Italian dream house as the luscious bass notes flow gracefully with the heavenly synths throughout.