Fidde – Solsting [Mostly Cozy]

Mostly Cozy is the new sub-label of Honey Butter Records, an imprint operated by head honcho and producer Sune. Launched during the midst of a global pandemic, Sune set out to create a label that meets the needs of dance music aficionados today. In a world where most music venues are closed and hanging on for dear life, there isn’t much of a scene to speak of these days. In fact, most of us haven’t even seen a dancefloor in months. Understanding our sad state of affairs, Mostly Cozy is here to ensure we’re as comfortable as possible as we patiently wait for the dust to clear and better days to appear.

Fittingly, the title of their first release is Patiently Waiting and it’s a 20-track compilation of songs by Sune and some of his closest friends. The list includes Bolting Bits regulars like Saine, Carlo, DJ Psychiatre, Ari Bald, Cassettes For Kids, and Sable Blanc just to name a few. Although we had our pick of tunes to premiere, we felt the track that embodied the ethos of the record was “Solsting” – an original by Swedish upstart Fidde.

It honestly doesn’t get much cozier than this. Reminiscent of Swedes that came before him like HNNY and Axel Boman, Fidde is able to craft an ambient and playful selection that can only be described as pure sunshine! Everything about the song exudes a sort of ‘dawn of a new day’ mentality – from the sounds of nature awakening and seas rising, to its orchestral and uplifting jazz melodies, you cannot help but put a smile on your face upon first listen.

So please, get your comfiest socks and make your favorite warm beverage for this one! Patiently Waiting is scheduled to come out later this month on February 26th. You can pre-order your copy here! All proceeds will be donated to charity.