PREMIERE : Fede LNG – XX [Axe Traxx 003]

Axe traxx

For our 9th premiere we are excited to debut a track from the third release on Axe Traxx, sub-label of London-based Axe on Wax Records. The vinyl-only, hand stamped VA features distinct tracks from label owner Fede LNG, Kid Mark, Hamsa International’s DJ Pegasuz and FTPup and Russian duo Ruff & Stax.

After selling out their first two records, featuring artists such as Mall Grab, Die Roh and Sonderr and Trudge, Axe Traxx continue to expand their lo-fi catalogue, specializing in functional bottom heavy and effective house/techno crossover, with just enough melody to keep things memorable. With household names such as Fabio Monesi, Fred P, Ben Sims, Moodcut, Chaos in the CBD, Frits Wentink and more offering early support to the label, Axe Traxx has already earned its respect and deserves your attention.

The remarkable EP showcases the talent of each producer and slowly crescendos from the A1 to push the momentum forward until the last minutes of the B2. Ruff and Stax’s ‘Brando’ kicks things off with sultry bass and percs, gradually building anticipation and allure with its subtle jazzy chords and hazy spoken vocal samples – perfect for inviting hesitant dancers to get their feet moving. Kid Mark’s ‘Jam Brown’ features classic deep house chords but its jacking nature, deep bass and dense kick balance the dreamy nature with undeniable dance floor potential. DJ Pegasuz and FTPup keep the jazzy lo-fi vibe going but speed up the tempo for a simple and effective hazy banger.

Finally, we come to our premiere courtesy of Fede LNG – ‘XX’ takes a closer turn to techno territory with a relentless distorted kick, noisy hats and jagged claps. The visceral quality and controlled chaos of the track will undoubtedly deliver late-night assaults to any warehouse, basement or hybrid of the two. We are lucky to have the opportunity to showcase the taste and production skill of Fede LNG and Axe Traxx – stream ‘XX’ below! Don’t sleep on the pre-orders, this one will undoubtedly sell out as well.

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