Verner – Debbie Coke [Axe on Wax]

aow 009 jpg vernerVerner got his breakthrough last year, following a stellar seven track 12-incher on Nachtbraker’s Quartet Series. The genre-defying release offered everything from groovy jazz to synth-driven house and even soundtrack-style compositions. Such a complete release turned heads all over the place and it wasn’t long until Axe On Wax got the Milanese keys virtuoso on board.

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Run by Fede Lng, Axe On Wax is one of the most respected outfits of the lo-fi and raw house scene, having provided househeads with a number of hits from the likes of Baltra, Florian Kupfer and DJ Swagger among many others.

Style-wise, Verner is a slight a detour from the norm at AOW but nonetheless the upcoming EP is a great showcase of just how versatile the Berlin-based producer is. The 6-track release features dreamy electro, drum machine madness, croaking basslines, funky synths and anything in-between. Having already featured in the sets of Peach, OR:LA and Sally C, the Debbie Coke EP is coming out hot on 26th of April.