PREMIERE : Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Keep On Lovin You [Editorial]

Dave Allison aka Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee has been releasing a staggering amount of edits for the better part of a decade now. Originally coming from a funkier and more upbeat house background, he transitioned into his current slo-mo disco niche after starting to craft edits for a monthly residency at Salon Daomé in his hometown of Montréal. Allison’s second label, Editorial Records was the natural byproduct of this exploration into more down and mid-tempo territory and the imprint has now released edits and reworks from many like-minded producers. Next up on the label is a 9 track LP from the man himself, appropriately entitled “Slo-Mo Disco”.

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Crafting an edit isn’t necessarily rocket science, but some are just better at it than others. Dave Allison is one of the better known craftsman and is a bit of a wizard when it comes down to it, making him befitting of the moniker he goes by. One of the most important aspects to an edit is of course song selection and in this case Allison has picked a doozy.

Our premiere today and the final cut on the forthcoming LP is titled ‘Keep On Lovin You‘. Taking an already phenomenal (and highly sought after) record by Gloria Ann Taylor that sounds modern enough to have been produced within the last decade, Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee gives it a slight re-arrange with the primary focus of the edit being the melodic elements. From the alluring strings to the hypnotizing guitar riffs, nothing from the original has really been left out except an extended portion of Gloria’s vocals, but in this case the instrumentation is so good that we can live without them.

The 2 x 12 LP should hit shelves in the coming days at your favourite local record shop but you can also pre-order it online at Juno.