Duncan Forbes – In The Mansion Of The Gods (Locked Groove Remix) [49North]

duncan forbes ep 4

Duncan‘s 49North rolls back into town with another 4 track smorgasbord.

Kicking things off is EP lead – ‘Slow Burn 2049’ – a track that rides aloft a raw breakbeat drum pattern – whilst plush, ambient synths billow out gorgeous, windswept melodies. Then we have D’s very own re-rub of ’49North EP3”s ‘Omnite’ – a beastly slab of purposeful Techno, that appears to pay homage ever so subtly to a certain, much-loved 80’s classic in the process.

Cooper Saver then steps up to the ‘Slow Burn 2049’ remix plate – delivering an entrancing piece of slo-mo, percussion-laden magic; before the mighty Locked Groove takes us over the finish line – twisting Duncan’s ‘In The Mansion Of The Gods’ into a dark, dub-washed Techno titan.


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