Dub Striker – Atelier Indigo [Pont Neuf Records]

Are you ready for a return to the past? To celebrate its 3rd anniversary and after the successes of its previous compilations Habemus Paname, the Parisian label Pont Neuf Records offers a jump in time with 3615 Disco.

Curated by Madcat, one of the spearheads of the Paris label, this new compilation appears as a cry of love – a tribute to the French disco/boogie of the 80s revisited by those who are the faces of the new French house scene: the founder of Moonrise Hill Material Ethyène; the jazzy-house phenomenon Tour-Maubourg; as well as the rising name of the Toulouse scene Mangabey; but also many other young and talented producers with KX9000, Chevals, ALVA, Vitess, Yann Polewka and Deborah Aime La Bagarre.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-dub-striker-atelier-indigo” /]

For today’s premiere, we are sharing Dub Striker‘s contribution to the release  titled “Atelier Indigo.” Dub Striker are a young duo that hail from Marseille and include members Wilko and Olivier. When they are not too busy running their own imprint STRCTR , the two spend their time dishing out energetic house tunes like this one. Crate diggers at heart, Dub Striker have decided to edit Corynne Charby’s all-time classic “Boule de Flipper” and give it enough bass to make Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan snap their necks at the Roxbury. Catchy and easy to dance to, we can definitely see this tune lighting up plenty of dancefloors in France and beyond this summer!

To get your copy of 3615 Disco, which will be out on vinyl and a limited edition cassette, follow this link right here. It comes out June 21st!