Dorsi Plantar – Make Sure You Mean That Shit [Better Listen Records]

Although they’ve only been around for two years, Washington D.C. based label Better Listen Records has already made quite the splash in the underground music scene – releasing a total of 14 records from some of our favorite rising producers like Joe Corti, Sune, Ari Bald, and Ethyène. If you thought they’d be satisfied with such a prolific output, you’d be wrong my friend…very wrong. After taking a brief sabbatical last summer, the boys of BLR are coming back to us well-rested, reloaded, and ready to share new sounds from their eclectic group of talented artists.

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The person leading their return happens to be Dorsi Plantar, who made his BLR debut with the springtime treasure Everlast. Being the first artist to come out with a sophomore EP on the label, the man from Copenhagen has a lot to live up to after making such a stellar impression last year. That being said, if the latest track off his upcoming EP Tack Farsan is any indication, it’s clear that Mr. Plantar has no intention of disappointing.

Titled Make Sure You Mean That Shit, this original features several elements that’ll make it a surefire way for DJs to get the dancefloor pumping wherever it’s played. Festive adlibs? Check! Inspiring quotes? Check! Latin grooves? Check! Face-melting, disco-laden chord progressions? Check! These sorts of elements are what made us fall in love with Dorsi and his sound last year, and we’re absolutely positive they’ll leave those smitten who aren’t already familiar.

To get your hands on this and the rest of Tack Farsan, make sure to pre-order the record right here! It’s set to come out on October 12th!