PREMIERE : Everlast – Dorsi Plantar [Better Listen Records]

dorsi plantar - better listen records

We’re all suckers for piano driven house music, so we were instantly drawn in by “Everlast,” the first track from Dorsi Plantar’s (soundcloud) forthcoming Everlast EP on Washington D.C.’s Better Listen Records. If you aren’t familiar, BLR has been on fire since its inception, as Martín Miguel, the man behind the music, has an excellent ear for talent. This project, along with stellar releases from The Last Trip to Gandahar, Ponty Mython, and Cody Currie, more than solidify BLR’s place as a taste-making label amidst a sea of wannabes.

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Uplifting from the jump, “Everlast” is the kind of track that carries an opening set into the middle of the night, pushing bodies to the dance floor with a message that says, “it’s time we kick things off.” A punchy keyboard loop sits below glistening stabs, all complemented by a beautiful arrangement of organic percussion and a thick sub riff that adds Dorsi’s signature oomph to an already slammin’ affair. This is whip music, folks. This is music for the outdoors; the music in your head when you feel like the world is yours. This is the sonic equivalent to a smooth radio voice; Plantar puts the sex in sexy.

Fans of “Everlast” won’t be disappointed by the rest of the EP, consisting of three more vibe-setting joints that are equally as uplifting and playable. Keep an eye on the BLR page as they roll out this EP… it’s one for the books.