2018 was a busy and rather productive year for Donald Dust. Edinburgh-based DJ and Producer was shining bright with appearances on Bordello A Parigi, Too Many Cars and Paradise Palms as well as the well-acclaimed 7 incher “Mars R-Trax” on Enter Planet Dust.

Donald Dust’s new offering arrives courtesy of London’s Claptrap label and will be distributed by Berlin’s flagship record store Oye. “Fluorescent Music” EP blends the best bits of early mid-80’s Chicago House; the melodic side of The Hague’s late 90s and early 2000s sound shaped by the likes of I-f and Intergalactic Gary; and also there are palpable hints of early experiments in Italo Disco. We couldn’t think of a better blend of sounds and styles ourselves!

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Today Bolting Bits are premiering B1 track from the release titled “Rescue ships approaching”. Kudos to Donald for a really nice work on the drums and percussion, but this time the rhythmic part of the track will have to hold the candle for the synths. The arpeggiated line rolling almost throughout the track will surely get you hooked and cosmic pads and stabs with other synthesized melodic elements will transport you deep into interstellar space. In case you will start feeling alone in far-flung reaches of outer space or in case there are worrying glitches with your life support systems, don’t be afraid as rescue ships are fast approaching.

“Fluorescent Music” EP is out on June 21st as a 12″ and digital package. Get your copy here!