Donald Dust – Jupiter Jack (Groovy Mix) [Bordello A Parigi]

Having featured on the Riviera Disco compilation series it’s time that Donald Dust returns to Bordello. This time the Scottish artist is back with a five track EP in the form of Nausea. Bending ideas and styles, the Edinburgh producer serves up a sample strewn, italo-infected grenade. Clean chords and percussion are sullied by hoarse vocals as arpeggiators grind and growl. Drum patterns stagger and stumble in the bleary eyed house-streaked “Sick Your Own Mix” of the original.

The listener is never sure where Mr Dust is going to take them with influences and surprises coming in equal measure. “Noise in the Stairwell” is an electro stalker, bolts juttering and jangling in this work of vocoder-scented giallo funk. The styles continue to be melted into new sound forms on the flip with two versions of Jupiter Jack. The “Groove Mix” takes the staccato stabs of new beat and supercharges them with punishing percussion and a good helping of dancefloor devilment. Leading us in to the wee hours of the after, the “Jupiter Mix” leans on the darker tones and rusted up rhythms for a final body jack before the realisation that work starts in eight hours.


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