Donald Dust – Lightning Bolt of Love [Blaq Numbers]

Donald Dust - Mouth Feel EP

We’re by no means strangers to Donald Dust! Last seen on our channel 10 months ago – ahead of his fantastic release on Claptrap – Donald’s been keeping himself busy, working on more Italo goodness to keep us all a little more lively in our new less than exciting lifestyle… His newest offering comes in the form of a 12” on Blaq Numbers’ sub-label Whyte Numbers seventh release, featuring 4 originals and a remix from Mood Hut co-founder Local Artist.

Our premiere is the B2 cut, titled “Lightning Bolt of Love”. At first listen, and for the first minute or two of it’s runtime, this track seems like a solid cut of straight-forward italo: bleeps & bloops, a repeating cowbell, hefty snare and a bouncy bassline are no surprise at all. Though seemingly unnoticeably, the song falls into a psychedelic haze, pads emerge, the bass-line is swapped for a much simpler, bare-bones melody, tribal drums and distorted vocals, paired with distant chants and bird noises add delicious texture. The snare never returns, and the beat descends into a bouncing rolling rhythm. By the time you notice, you’re deep in a beautiful jungle psychedelia. Seemingly two songs in one, the story-telling in this track is simply amazing. Lightning Bolt of Love is both the perfect tool to change lanes in a set and create a blissful dance-floor moment, and a beautiful listen for those of us who love a song that tells a good story.

Pre-order the Mouth Feel EP here.