Don Carlos – The First Time Alone [IRMA Records]

Legendary Italian house producer Don Carlos is to release Livin A Dream on IRMA Records in early 2020. It is a collection of previously unreleased records and reworks from his vast and vital reserves of tracks made in the nineties. Digging deep in the archives.

Active since the seventies. Don Carlos is best known for his cult classic Alone, a dreamy Balearic anthem that still resonates to this day. As well as that he has put out plenty of seminal EPs and LPs that fuse Latin, jazz, prog, house, disco and electronic soul into superbly stylish and emotive tracks that bring people together.

Last year he came back to the fore with the Alina single on Imogen which reminds people all over the world of his luxurious, elegant sound and so now is the perfect time to serve up some of the unheard music from his essential back catalogue.

As such this album takes in timeless dream house, new age material, slow motion disco, piano laced anthems, deep sunset vibes and plenty of masterfully melodic cuts that have you lost in thought and willing summer time to come. There are also new versions of the excellent Alone and Paranoia, a Trombone version of Aqua, extended mix of Move Your Body and Remida and plenty more alternative takes on some of his biggest tunes.

All in all this is a vital collection of music that has more than stood the test of time from a criminally underrated legend of the European deep house scene.