PREMIERE : DJ Swagger – I Don’t Need Your Love [PNP 002]

dj swagger - axe on wax

Axe on Wax readies the second release from their sub-label PNP and as we’ve come to expect from them it’s a quality V/A stocked full of bangin’ edits. Fans of lo-fi, disco house, and deep house will all find something worthwhile here, and these will certainly be receiving club play from many of your favorite DJs.

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In addition to tracks from Slamb, Turk Turkelton, Fede Lng, and gutinstinct, the PNP 002 features a track from the 18 year old German slugger DJ Swagger (soundcloud). Swagger, having previously released on Natural Sciences and E-Beamz, is in top form here, delivering an energetic track with a cheeky sample, buttery smooth chords, and a classic 909 drum workout. This isn’t ground breaking work, but compared to more “basic” lo-fi disco edits this proves to be something special. Swagger’s choice of sample was key here, and his manipulation of the female vocal is the cherry on top of an already solid record. If you’ve been following his progress as a producer, you already know that Swagger is a versatile musician; he’s released everything from lo-fi house to deep house to breaks to acid and techno, a testament to the young German’s matured musical talent. Keep an eye on this kid, you can already pre-order PNP002, here!