DJ Matpat – Dreamin’ (Elvin T Dub) [Clubby Boy]

CBY03 shows another side to DJ Matpat‘s sound, deeper yet still full of energy. Dreamin’ is an emotional summer jam that could make one feel nostalgic, not because of production techniques but from the airy, dream-state vibe a dancer would feel while the sun is setting.. or rising.

On the flip, Philly staple Elvin T delivered a stripped back Dub, the perfect B-Side for a record that needed a spacey, nuanced accompaniment. A nighttime affair, switching to a soul searching and atmospheric feel with surging synths and bumping basslines. Seriously vibey deep house filled with fresh faced percussion, blissful breakdowns and summertime chords. It’s pure sunset soundtracking business with a divine touch to make all your worries evaporate into the ether. Pre-order now.