DJ Legwarmer – Emotion:Behaviour [No She Doesn’t]

The Lisbon-based No, She Doesn’t is more than just a label, it’s a movement. An open-minded outlook on life has led the collective to take pride in representing values such as equality and freedom, not forgetting to have fun along the way. Their nonchalant take on house has already won many fans around the world, while the names of the crew like DJ Spielberg, DJ Unsure or DJ Legwarmer speak volumes on how serious they take themselves.

It is the Full On EP from the latter that we’ll be taking a closer look today, which the debut release from the up-and-coming producer. With the usual sample-heavy approach, the Portuguese label aficionado has delivered four smashing cuts, just in time to drench the dancefloors this summer. Taking influences from disco and RnB, masterfully layering them and adding a touch of nostalgia, DJ Legwarmer comes up with a winning formula and the EP title seems ever more fitting.

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Opening with ‘Quandary’, an untamed belt of rhythm activity steeped in lush disco fragments, the EP follows with the title track ‘Full On’, atomized with an addictive groove and unexpected tricks. On the flip side, we find a dreamy cut of exotica on ‘Emotion/Behaviour’, before ‘Mar De Nuvens’, the final piece where DJ Legwarmer demonstrates his instinctive feel for emotive and catchy samples that we won’t get tired of. Between self-absorption and euphoria, Full On is a must have, anytime, anywhere.

12’ is coming out July 1st, you can pre-order it here.