PREMIERE : DJ Heure– I Want to Be There [DISTANT HAWAII]

HAWAII011 - DJ heure

Following up last year’s HAWAII005 ‘First Hour’ EP, DJ Heure (soundcloud), otherwise known as one half of Warren Raww, is set to make his Distant Hawaii return come August 4th. The sun-kissed Lobster Theremin offshoot has already been graced by the works of Hidden Spheres and Ross From Friends, and now the forthcoming HAWAII011 will see DJ Heure bring forth another four delightful tunes for Mechta’ EP, each telling night-time tales of his cosy Adelaide hometown.

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Situated on the South Australia coastline stretch, Adelaide is geographically distant from the rest of Australia, let alone the rest of the world. Despite this, the city has come to be quite well known for its fresh produce, not limited to fine wine and artisan cheeses. A community of quietly hardworking artists like Mic Mills, Hank Youngman and Arthur Miles have together been steadily putting Adelaide on the world map – so much so that last November Bristol’s PIFF Records dedicated their debut release ‘To Adelaide’ as an ode to the array of talent resonating from the city.

DJ Heure is one such producer at the forefront in working to cultivate a distinctly ‘Adelaidian’ sound. This is a sound which reflects the rolling hills, vast parklands and meandering rivers by which the city is surrounded; a sound that may perhaps be likened to the hazy, leisurely sentimentalism of the Canadian Riviera, but with a more playful bite and refreshing punch, and at times, with hints of the deeper influences of its closest neighbour, Melbourne.

Despite opening off with no-nonsense bass kicks, the light-hearted tone of our premiere track B1 ‘I Want to Be There’ is quickly set via the cheeky, endearingly-kitschy kitchenware percussive highs, which have become somewhat of a DJ Heure signature. Swelling, ambient padded synths are pressed into the track, and an acid bass-line bounces along with a cosmic melodic riff. A flowing woodwind synth folds in to make up the final layer of the dreamy, synth-laden chorus of radiant Adelaidian house. As the track thins out, the pots-and-pans percussion takes the foreground once again, accompanied by short, laser-like bursts which giggle mischievously at one last joke before closing off the carefree, summer-night dance.

You can pre-order the ‘Mechta’ EP for vinyl or digital here, and wait eagerly with us for that August 4th release… to say we’re excited would be a huge understatement.