DJ Dre – 215 [These Things Take Time]

These things take times - DJ Dre
Established in 2016, Chicago-based label These Things Take Time have built themselves a unique sound and reputation by playing homage to house, disco, lo-fi and everything in-between. Consistency is key for record labels and these Chicagoans nail it every time, frequently releasing awesome tracks packed with raw emotion – make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming shows around America.

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TTTT are armed with a fresh new EP TIME003 from B.Hayes vs. DJ Dre (soundcloud), of which we have the pleasure of premiering one stunner of a track from DJ Dre himself, 215. Sharp hi-hats are the order of the day with this one, alongside a groovy percussive beat building up to the most euphoric keys and vocals you’ll hear all week. The elements in this track seem to perfectly compliment the next with Bicep-esque quality, without a doubt our favourite track on the whole EP. Pre-order here.

Adam R.