Delonte Rivers – Midnight Congas [XVI Records]

XVI Records appear to believe in the old adage “less is more.” I say this because they operate on a business model that is in stark contrast to what peers are doing within the same genre. In the six years they have been around, they have only come out with a total of 8 records. That’s a mind-boggling low number when compared to other similarly sized labels that might churn out 8 records in a calendar year.

Fortunately, however, the label also seems to believe in the mantra “quality over quantity,” since their past releases from Books, Munro, and Henry Wu have been some of our favorites in recent memory. This philosophy acts to make the eclectic & spaced out voyages they take their listeners on much more memorable and meaningful.

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For their upcoming voyage, the label heads Joshua Byrne & Martin Love have employed the talented skills of London based producer Peter Bailey aka Delonte Rivers (soundcloud). Having previously released music under his DJ Fortay moniker, Mr. Bailey sets his eyes on drawing on a wider array of influences than what he has been known for in the past – and it shows in his debut release “Midnight Congas!”

Obviously, the title track off the EP heavily features Latin instrumentation, including the sounds of congas, saxophones, and a healthy assortment of bass. Also, the way in which Bailey layers and arranges these elements create a dark, thick, one would even say humid, atmosphere reminiscent of the jungles these Central and South American rhythms come from. Quite the tone-setter to say the least, “Midnight Congas” is a certifiably sexy tune that will get people dancing and feeling naughty wherever it is played!

To get yourself a copy of the release, make sure to mark your calendars. This baby is coming out March 16th!